Karen Atkinson


A large screen coated with phosphorescent paint that held the shape of projected images, like an echo repeats a sound, invited public interaction. Karen Atkinson used a wide range of images from nature, culture and the history of Santa Monica beach for this interactive piece. Throughout the evening, the CalArts Improvisational Theatre Troupe performed under the direction of Susan Allen. Youth participants from the CAP Summer Arts Program in Dance also performed, accompanied by professional dancers, under the direction of Marvin Tunney. The public was invited to interact with GLOWbal. Produced for Glow in association with Glow Network Partner Cal Arts Community Arts Partnership (CAP).

BEAM (Breathe, Energize, Align, Move) – site-specific dance performance choreographed for GLOW by CalArts professor Marvin Tunney, for a group of high school age dancers who participated in the CalArts Community Arts Partnership (CAP) Summer Arts Program. The piece was conceptually related to the beach, ocean, sunset and the divine forces of nature and took place in front of GLOWbal. Participating dancers were Gemma Allen, Morgan Barnes, Joselyne Camacho, Alexandra Chezum, Izcalli Cuautencos, Madison Davis, Veronica Forsbald, Greta Grisez, Jennifer Guzman, Megan Hines, Imani Jones, Rachel Kinzler, Melissa Mateo, Aysia-Marie Perkins, Hyla Rachwal, Andrea Varela, Emelly Villa, and Jessika Wilson, along with CalArts student instructors Whitney Jackson, Claire Larsen, and Lilia Bogoeva. Performance produced by CAP for Glow.

CalArts Interdisciplinary Improvisation Troupe [CIIT] is a group of young professional artists – actors, dancers and musicians – who joined together initially in a class on improvisational aesthetics given by Susan Allen at the California Institute of the Arts. Working with various levels of design, their improvisations break through traditional boundaries to uncharted territories, often involving their audience in spontaneous creations moving between their unique disciplines.  Troupe members for GLOW 2013 include Michael Ho, Jaclyn Urlik, Max Wanderman, Nahum Zdybel, Stacia Hitt, Adrian Brizuela, Henry Webster, Ryan Glass, Sharon Kim and Colton Lytle. Performance produced by CAP for Glow.

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